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Culture chameleon

By Amre Klimchak Here you can find article about gypsy culture and gypsy music.

Gypsy music, an eclectic style the Roma people originated during their wanderings from India through the Middle East to Europe, has spawned a new species of followers. Gogol Bordello and its theatrical band of punks got the ball rolling and, coincidentally or not, a slew of other independent musicians—from Devotchka’s cabaret-folk to the soaring, orchestral sounds of Beirut—emerged shortly thereafter with Gypsy-influenced albums (although the term “gypsy” is often considered derogatory these days). And with every trend comes the inevitable: a festival to celebrate it.

Diverse bands of 'Gypsies' bring their music to NY

by Martylipp @ hotmail . com)
Copyright © 2007, Newsday Inc.

An ever-widening variety of bands are being labeled as "Gypsy" music: Is it a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, or is it a modern-day version of performing in blackface?

For many Americans, it is probably a bit of a revelation to know that there really are Gypsies (though they call themselves Roma). The sad truth is that Roma across Europe are still poor, undereducated and disenfranchised.

Although the growing popularity of Roma music - from The Gipsy Kings to Romania's Taraf de Haïdouks - has increased awareness of the larger community, they are still mostly second-class citizens.

Some recent releases and the upcoming New York Gypsy Music Festival (visit show how diverse the field has become.

New York in particular has developed a strong network of young non-Roma musicians adapting Eastern European music, particularly Roma music, which itself has a long history of giving and taking with the cultures around it. Groups such as New York's Luminescent Orchestrii and Berlin's 17 Hippies, both at the Knitting Factory Wednesday, are remaking old tunes for new audiences. They're making great music that is fun to move to, even if it sounds thoroughly different than mainstream dance music.

While most of the musicians are sincere in their appreciation of the music, some marketing types are separating the music from its context. The word "Gypsy" starts to connote wildness or the exotic, rather than a real cultural heritage. It's a slippery slope and it begs the question of whether musicians - particularly playing the ecstatic dance music of Eastern European Roma - should be doing more than entertaining their sweaty, swirling audiences. Romani communities have endured lots worse than being misunderstood, but it certainly doesn't help to be stereotyped or fictionalized.

Eugene Hutz and his group Gogol Bordello are the center of (and possibly the entire) "Gypsy punk" scene. Ukrainian-born Hutz is a maniacal showman, but Gogol Bordello's latest, "Super Taranta" (SideOneDummy), is much more punk than Gypsy. Hutz regularly DJs at the Manhattan club Mehanata and will do so as part of the second part of the festival in November. Expect anarchy and energy.

As part of the Joe's Pub series at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, there will be a three-part bill Wednesday. The New York Gypsy All-Stars bring together Roma and non-Roma instrumentalists showcasing styles from their various homelands. Also on the bill is New York's Balkan Beat Box, whose recent Nu Med (JDub) is huge fun, but doesn't hold itself out as Roma music as much as a mash-up of anything they can get their hands on.

Also playing is Beirut, led by 21-year-old Zach Condon. His Balkan-influenced Gulag Orkestar (BaDaBing), self-produced in his parents' Albuquerque home when he was a teen, created an unlikely buzz on the Internet. He said he was attracted to Balkan and Gypsy music because of "the bittersweet melodies - played with such a ferocity. Pure joy and anguish played with such honesty and humanity."

"We're getting much closer as a band," he continued, "meaning we're getting much sloppier. I'm hoping it will all fall apart in a beautiful way."

Stretching the music in a different direction is Shantel (German producer/DJ Stefan Hantel), famous for his movable party called Bukovina Club, which remixed Balkan music for the dance floor. On Disko Partizani (Crammed), he successfully creates a transnational party album, fusing electronica sounds and beats with Roma and other live musicians.

Not unlike the electro-borrowers, several classical composers, most notably Béla Bartók, used Roma and other folk music as the basis for some of their compositions. Now, the multi-generational Taraf de Haïdouks are cashing in that debt, making the brilliant Maškarada (Crammed), reclaiming these classical compositions, playing them in their own hyperactive style.

The Haïdouks - none of whom read music - seem to have the last word: turning rarefied art music on its head, showing Romani inventiveness and that the give and take among musicians never stops.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Review and interview.

First, I'd like to publish link to interview with Gogol Bordello bassist Tommy Gobena by Pamela Chelin from :

How would you describe Gogol Bordello, the band?

Total destruction [laughs]. "Gypsy punk" doesn't say what we are anymore. We are way more than that. That was how it was created and what it was based on. Of course, I was always into the Motown sound. Everyone who is into music should be into it, especially bass players.


Also I found one more interview with Tommy Gobena titled "On Thinking Globally" here.
Searching internet i found empty profile of Tommy on Interesting, does he know about it? =)

Also I found review of "Super Taranta!" here.
This album is great. It's not just a set of songs assembles on one cd. It's one-piece work. And what do you think about it?

Fresh article.

I found fresh article about Gogol Bordello.
You can read it here.

From article:

See, I would have welcomed anything coming my way that Saturday at Bumbershoot, because every single ache and bruise led me to love the New York-based group Gogol Bordello even more.

Not about Gogol Bordello, but about BlogRush.

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You can join it here.

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Super Taranta! videos.

I tried to find one video for each song from Super Taranta! You can find them all on youtube, but it's more comfortable when they all are in one place =). Enjoy!

1. Ultimate.

2. Wonderlust King.

3. Zina-Marina

4. Supertheory Of Supereverything

5. Harem In Tuscany (Taranta)

6. Dub The Frequencies Of Love
7. My Strange Uncles From Abroad
no video =(

8. Tribal Connection

9. Forces Of Victory
no video =(

10. Alcohol

11. Suddenly... (I Miss Carpaty)
12. Your Country
no video

13. American Wedding

14. Super Taranta!
no video

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Photo, covers and interview

1. Here I found Gogol Bordello's photo from Leeds Festival 2007.
2007 Album Covers: The Weird, The Bad, and The Bizarre. Funny =). But Gogol Bordello are not first =((.
3. Here you can find fresh interview with Eugene Hutz. mp3 is here

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gogol Bordello + Madonna = crazy perfomance!

Have you watch this amazing video? Madonna + Gogol Bordello = crazy perfomance!

Gypsy-punk circus

New article about Gogol Bordello was published bu Times Argus Online

Gypsy-punk circus
Super-hot Gogol Bordello adds Montpelier to globe-trotting itinerary
September 14, 2007

By Tom Huntington Arts correspondent

One of the hottest underground rock groups in the world will be making tracks for the capital city, thanks to the efforts of a local concert promoter.

"I'd say it's probably the biggest show to happen in Montpelier in at least 20 years," says Montpelier impresario Ed DuFresne, 40, co-founder of the five-year-old Northeast Kingdom Music Festival and talent buyer for the Langdon Street Café.

"I've heard that the Neville Brothers played here in the early '80s at City Hall," he adds. "But, beyond that, I can't think of anything that comes close to the scope of this."

"This" is the widely-lauded, New York City-based, Gypsy-punk group Gogol Bordello, which will be performing an all-ages show Friday, Oct. 12 at the Vermont College Gymnasium.

A major highlight of last year's Northeast Kingdom Music Festival, the nine-piece traveling party is known for its high-octane, sweat and dance-inducing, carnival-like live shows – the Christian Science Monitor says the band "takes pride in stirring up some of the craziest live shows on earth."

The genre-blurring band mashes up Pogues and Iggy Pop-like punk and traditional Eastern European gypsy music with everything from speed metal and ska to dub reggae and tarantella, "a ritual music from Italy," according to Hutz.

Gogol Bordello's latest CD, "Super Taranta!" has garnered numerous glowing reviews. PopMatters calls it "an insanely enjoyable, breathless affair" and "a brilliant party album from one of the world's greatest dance bands." The Orange County Register calls it "an album so wildly inventive, so provocative, so fun and funny, it … establishes the band as a profound musical force to be reckoned with." Robert Christgau of National Public Radio simply dubs it "the best rock album of the decade."

The boisterous band is led by charismatic front man Eugene Hutz, a Ukrainian immigrant who fled Kiev with his family following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 and eventually resettled in Burlington in 1992. Then known as Eugene Nikolaev (he later changed his surname to Hutz), the lanky singer and guitarist was a standout on the thriving Queen City music scene before moving to New York City in 1998.

While in New York, Hutz assembled a multiethnic cast of musicians, singers and dancers – band members are Russian, Israeli, Ethiopian, American, Taiwanese and Chinese – forming Gogol Bordello in 1999. Initially deemed by critics to be somewhat of a novelty act, Gogol gradually began to make a name for itself on the strength of its legendary live shows, relentless worldwide touring schedule and solid CDs (the excellent 2005 CD, "Gypsy Punks," was a breakthrough album for the band).

The group has exploded in recent years, thanks in part to Hutz's star turn as an actor alongside Elijah Wood in the film "Everything is Illuminated," and his recent appearance with Madonna at the London Live Earth concert in July.

"This is literally one of the hottest underground rock acts in the world right now," says DuFresne. "That we could get them here is pretty remarkable."

Besides the Northeast Kingdom Music Festival, Gogol Bordello's only Vermont shows have been at Higher Ground in South Burlington. DeFresne says he made the band an offer in July to present them in concert. "They hemmed and hawed on it for a while, and wanted me to do the show in Burlington," he says (the potential date was already booked at Higher Ground, according to DuFresne).

DuFresne says that he had wanted to present a concert at the Vermont College Gymnasium, which in the past couple of years has been equipped with an updated power system and enhanced stage. When he "couldn't find anything in Burlington that was available and feasible," he asked the band if they would consider the gym, which he describes as "a reasonably-priced room here in Montpelier that's beautiful and really nice."

"Nobody's taken advantage of it," he says of the gym, "so I just decided that this room should be used, and that this is the perfect test for it."

Persuading the band to play there was not so easy, he says.

"It took a lot of convincing on my part," says DuFresne. "But, finally, when it was clear that nothing was going to materialize in Burlington, I guess they decided to take it."

Whatever the reason, it's clearly a major coup for DuFresne and, more importantly, for Montpelier.

"People are pretty excited about it," he says. "I feel like Montpelier is kind of starting to get known as a music destination, so what better way to help further kick start that and put it on the map?"

Start Wearing Puprle!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Short interview with Eugene Hutz.

Here i found this short and funny interview with Eugene Hutz. Enjoy it!

Hot Report 2007: 85. Eugene Hutz
The Ukranian-born Gogol Bordello frontman learns the downside of hotness, courtesy of Blender.

By Mark Yarm

Blender, September 2007
Is it hot in here or is it just you?
It's rapid-fire, baby. It's rapid-fire all over the place wherever we go — literally and allegorically.

Um, can you explain that a little more?
Well, you want to talk about something hot. The word rapid-fire came to mind. [Blender expresses confusion.] Don't quote me in straightened-out quotes, 'cause what I say is how I talk. I am not in need to be put in correct syntax or sentences.

What's the downside of being so darn hot?
Oh, lord, did my publicist actually sign me up for this?

What's your advice to those who aspire to hotness?
Lots of manicures and pedicures. But all my time is taken up by hair care — it's obvious from my Eastern European mullet, executed with pair of pliers.

Hot or not: Lindsay Lohan?
Who is that? I live in a different world, you know.

They've always been hot. Just take a look at my brothers: Charlie Chaplin, Freddie Mercury, Frank Zappa.

Scary-skinny celebrities?
I'm a bit more old-fashioned — gotta have some ass. The big-booty bitches, man.

Performing with Madonna at Live Earth?
Definitely hot. I have very little memories of it, because the adrenaline rush of playing in front of 70,000 people destroys your memory. Plus, I drank three-quarters bottle of red wine right before I went out.

Hot synonym for "hot"?
How did I get tricked into this? I'm a doer, baby, not a car salesman.

Hot pickup line?
I don't want people stealing my lines. I need that to work for me, man.

Hot body part?
Oh, fuck. This whole thing has to get canceled. This is the corniest interview I've ever done.

What's your fallback plan for when you lose your hotness?
I don't have any. Plan B is your surest way to failure.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lyrics and their meanings.

Gogol Bordello is very special band. Sometimes their lyrics is very hard to understend. They use english, russian and spanish languages.
Let's try to understand meaning of one of the most popular Gogol Bordello's song - Start Wearing Purple.

Start wearing purple wearing purple
start wearing purple, for me now
all your sanity and wits, they will all vanish
I promise, it's just a matter of time...

I know you since you were a twenty and I was twenty
but thought that some years from now
a purple little little lady will be perfect
for dirty old and useless clown

So yeah, start wearing purple wearing purple!
Start wearing purple for me now!
All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish,
I promise, it's just a matter of time!

I know it all from Diogenis to Foucault
from Lozgechkin to Paspartu
I ja kljanus obostzav dva paltza
schto muzika poshla ot Zvukov Mu!...

Start wearing purple wearing purple!
Start wearing purple for me now!
All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish,
I promise, it's just a matter of time!

So yeah, start wearing purple wearing purple!
Start wearing purple for me now!...
So why don't you start wearing purple?
Why don't you start wearing purple...
Start wearing purple for me now!

All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish,
I promise, it's just a matter of time!...

So Fio-Fio-Fioletta! Etta! Va-va-va-vaja dama ti moja!
Eh podayte name karetu, votetu, i mi poedem k ebenjam!
So yeah, start wearing purple wearing purple!
Start wearing purple for me now!
All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish,
I promise, it's just a matter of time!...

The reason this song is called start wearing purple is because recently in Russia, the "in" fasion was purple, not just an accent of purple, but full purple outfits, it was seen as, not exactly a rebelious thing, but more of a youth thing. Kinda like leather and the such.
Start wearing purple is a reference to when people start growing old and crazy, they tend to start wearing purple because the color purple is a very sain color for them. Something about purple conferts the mind.
Therefore, Start wearing purple has much meaning, not pointless at all.
Just think of all those women that you wish would of started wearing purple for you.
From an interview:
"It’s a very deep, spiritual song. It’s actually the least serious song I’ve every written. It’s actually one of the very few songs that was written for a girl, which was my girlfriend at the time. When I first moved to New York in ’98 I had this, kind of obsessive, crazy psychic gypsy lady who was living right next to us, in our building. And you know how it is some people have this fixation with a certain colour, and purple is one of those colours, and that is the whole archetype of these ladies, she was wearing everything: shoes, stockings, handkerchief, skirt, coat, everything, purple shades she was crazy. And one of my girlfriends, she was getting crazy, getting out of hand I was saying ‘you might as well start wearing purple now, because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen to you’. One day I just sat down with a guitar and basically just set it down with just an A minor chord and a song rolled out of it. I love it when that happens. Some songs just roll out.."

Monday, September 10, 2007

Few links

Maybe you know this sites and reviews, but I think it's better to post it here. - official website. Here you can find: Gogol Blog, store, photo, video, link and other cool stuff. - Gogol Bordello on MySpace - one more cool page. (official ???) - Wiki article about Gogol Bordello - Gogol Bordello page on Some info and music. - Gogol Bordello on Glastonbury - Super Taranta review. - Gogol Bordello in concert. Article by - Start wearing purple video on - Not a Crime video.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Article about Gogol Bordello from The Times

He performed at Live Earth, stars in Madonna’s directorial debut, is a darling of the fashion crowd and then there’s the small matter of leading cult band Gogol Bordello. Charismatic Eugene Hutz is making some noise

Very intersting article about Gogol Bordello from The Times. Enjoy it!

Gogol Bordello Blog

Look here!
I found interesting Gogol Bordello blog! Visit it!
There you can find GB news and pictures.

Gogol Bordello Announce North American Fall Tour to Support New Album

Gogol Bordello Announce North American Fall Tour to Support New Album

Atlanta, GA 9/4/2007 3:09 PM GMT (FINDITT)

Punk rock band Gogol Bordello will go on a North American tour this fall to support their new album, "Super Taranta."

Gogol Bordello will kick off their fall shows on October 7 in New Haven, CT and trek across the United States with performances at theaters, clubs, and festivals including the Las Vegas Vegoose Festival on October 27. Gogol Bordello will then play a two-day show at the Boulder Theatre over the Halloween Weekend (Oct.. 29 and 30) before ending their North American tour in New York on November 3.

After the New York show at Terminal 5 Gogol Bordello will kick off a month-long European tour that starts in Amsterdam on November 13 and ends in England on December 18.

The eight member band released their album "Super Taranta" in July 2007. The album entered the Billboard 200 and has climbed to No. 15 on the magazine’s Top Independent Albums chart.

The tribal punk rock band is based in New York City and has become known for the circus like atmosphere during its high energy shows.

For more information or tour itinerary on Gogol Bordello dates visit:

Let me introduce...

...Gogol Bordello!

Gogol Bordello is a Gypsy punk band from the Lower East Side of New York City that formed in 1999 and is known for its theatrical stage shows[1]. Much of the band's sound is inspired by Gypsy music, as some of its members are immigrants from Eastern Europe. The band incorporates minor-key accordion and fiddle (and on some albums, saxophone) mixed with cabaret, punk, and dub as well as multiple languages. Phill Jupitus has described the band as "a bit like The Clash having a fight with The Pogues in Eastern Europe[1]," while Kenneth Partridge of The Hartford Courant described lead singer Eugene Hütz's voice as "somewhere between that of Borat and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog[2]."

History and influences

Nikolai Gogol, the band's namesake, was an ideological influence because he "smuggled" Ukrainian culture into European literary society, which Gogol Bordello intends to do with their music in the English speaking world[3]." The band was originally titled Hütz and the Béla Bartóks, but Eugene Hütz says that they decided to change the name because "nobody knows who the hell Béla Bartók is in the United States[3]." The band played their first show as the unofficial band at an after-hours club called Pizdetz on Ridge Street, where they became the house band and DJ Hũtz became the house DJ[3].

Gogol Bordello's first single was released in 1999, and since then, they have released four full-length albums, and one EP. In 2005 the band signed to punk label SideOneDummy Records. The band has toured tirelessly throughout Europe and America on numerous international festivals and toured with such diverse bands as Primus, Flogging Molly, and Cake. In an interview with NPR, frontman Eugene Hütz cites Jimi Hendrix and Parliament-Funkadelic as among the band's main musical influences[3]

Singles and collaborations

The recording of "Start Wearing Purple", on their 1st album, "Voi-La Intruder" pioneered their UK success[citation needed]. Their song, "Occurrence on the Border", was featured on the 4th Punk Rock Strike compilation put out by Springman Records. For their third LP, ”Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike” "Start Wearing Purple" was re-recorded and became their first North American single and a video was later released. The song and variations thereof can be heard throughout the 2005 movie Everything Is Illuminated and is the closing song of the soundtrack. It has also become an unofficial theme song of the Baltimore Ravens football team, and local radio and television stations have played the song in conjunction with games during the 2006-2007 season.

"Not a Crime" and "Wonderlust King" were chosen as their second and third North American single, both accompanied by a music video.

The song "I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again" has a short interlude of an arrangement of Franz Schubert's Symphony No. 8 (Unfinished) in B minor played on strings.

Several of the band members also take part in a dub and electronic side project with members of Balkan Beat Box entitled J.U.F. (Jewish-Ukrainian Freundschaft), whose sound pulls from their varied ethnic background, a sound that could be likened to a combination of DJ Hũtz, Balkan Beat Box and Gogol Bordello.

Gogol Bordello have also collaborated with Madonna. Hütz and Ryabtsev performed "La Isla Bonita / Lela Pala Tute" with Madonna at the London Live Earth concert on July 7, 2007[4].

The members

Current members

Former members







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It's my first post here.
Many people love Gogol Bordello. So do I.
Gogol Bordello is a wonderful band. Their music make me happy.
But there's not many web-pages about Gogol Bordello. Therefore, I decided to make this blog.
p.s some posts may be in russian =)