Sunday, September 16, 2007

Photo, covers and interview

1. Here I found Gogol Bordello's photo from Leeds Festival 2007.
2007 Album Covers: The Weird, The Bad, and The Bizarre. Funny =). But Gogol Bordello are not first =((.
3. Here you can find fresh interview with Eugene Hutz. mp3 is here


Manu fan said...

I didn't know there was a Gogol fan blog! This is great! I have a question - who are your second favorite artists, after Gogol Bordello? Mine is Manu Chao and I'm super psyched right now cause I just got his new album, La Radiolina! I think you Gogol fans would REALLY like him...this is a cool e-card with more info, videos, music, etc!

Nikita said...

My second favorite artists are Arctic Monkeys, Lostprophets and other british rock/indie bands. Thanks for link! I'll listen new Manu Chao's album.